“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” –Jacques Anatole François Thibault (1844-1924)

High-Tech Lynching

If you were a wealthy young female Mexican national from a family with well heeled political connections studying in Canada, what would you do when you learned that your boyfriend’s sexuality extended to sexual and intimate relations with other men?

How Mexico Became So Corrupt By Lawrence Weiner

A) Throw a hissy fit laden with hyperbolic histrionics in order to get your boyfriend’s gay lover fired from his job at York University and kicked out of Canada BUT ends up enlisting several University staff, faculty, administrators and students in a fraudulent scheme that results in them losing jobs, careers, study opportunities etc. while you abandon them to their fates.

B) Marry your boyfriend thinking that homosexuality is not an orientation but a choice that he will not be able to make in a marriage based on your choice to marry a man that has needs, wants and desires that you simply can not satisfy.

C) Hire private investigators to get proof of alleged drug use by your boyfriend’s lover so that he will be locked up or kicked out of Canada – AN EFFORT ending with those investigators and law enforcement officials filming your boyfriend’s gay lover masturbating alone in his room at Steamworks Baths-Toronto and to them facing disciplinary action for video voyeurism while you abandon them to their fates.

D) Purchase plane tickets so that your boyfriend’s other intimate male companion can fly to visit family and friends of your boyfriend’s lover with the goal of slandering him THEN coerce your boyfriend to tell his intimate male friend that he ‘does not love’ him anymore and that you will not pay for his return trip to Mexico – abandoning the guy in an airport and to his fate which turned out to be a couple years in federal prison.

E) Have a baby with the hope that your boyfriend’s love of the child will substitute for the love that he does not have for you AND serve as proof in your social circle that if he can ejaculate inside a female, he can come around to wanting to spend the rest of his life with a female who would bring life into this world as a means to deny him the life he chooses for himself.

F) Send attractive males posing as students into your boyfriend’s lover TA sessions at York U to make sexual advances that you hoped would induce or seduce your male romantic rival into behavior that would accomplish what your hyperbolic histrionics could not accomplish with University officials viz., getting your male romantic rival fired and kicked out of Canada.

G) Rally your female friends and associates under the banner of ‘feminism’ to harass your boyfriend’s lover and to sign up as students for his TA session so that they would be in a position to do what one of them – “Cassandra” – did and send hate email to your boyfriend’s lover calling him a ‘faggot’, stating that he likes ‘mud kipz’, claiming that ‘stingrays have aids’  and that ‘the pools were closed because they were infected with aids’ – a feminist rally that ended with many of the proxies of your homophobia who were – like yourself- foreign nationals being asked to leave Canada – while you abandon them to their fates.

The Drug War’s Savage Toll on Mexican Women
… Lawless border area fertile ground for violent misogynists by Patricia Gras

H) Approach a (former) good friend of your boyfriend’s lover Josh Kussman with misinformation that incited him to exercise the power of attorney that was given him by your boyfriend’s lover ALL THE WHILE hosting Mr. Kussman and his wife at your home in Mexico with hints of how a relationship with your prominent family could benefit the private security company that he started after leaving his DHS job as senior policy adviser to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commissioner.

Taking the Fight to Mexico’s Cartels By Josh Kussman and Brian C. Goebel Saturday, April 4, 2009

I) ALL OF THE ABOVE: as you complete graduate studies that focus on violence against women – while at the same time using your money to enlist the help of men who beat, rape and pimp women in your effort to stalk and harass your male romantic rival.

If you chose (I) ‘All of the above.’ you have a basic understanding of the situation that is presented in this blog as ‘The Thing’.