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Chris Bently
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Date: Friday, January 29th 2010

Dear Sirs,

I am trying to resolve and to seek redress for criminal justice and civil rights issues in a matter that involves persons and officials in Ontario, Canada, New York State and the State of Virginia.

Some of the issues that I am attempting to address fall outside of the jurisdiction of the judicial and policing authorities that have considered them.

 The issues in question include:

(1) Warranted officers attempting to interfere with the reporting of a crime to the Federal Bureau of Investigation

(2) Intercepting mail sent through the United States Postal System

The details of the latter, interfering with the delivery of mail sent through the United States Postal Service are under seal with the Family Court of The State of New York County of Erie: File No. -190172 Docket No. 0-16924-09 and as part of a complaint that I filed with the Civil Rights Division of New York States’ Attorney General’s Office against Joshua David Kussman.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario is the primary judicial body in Canada that I have appealed to in this matter. States v. York University – HRTO File Number 2009-01977-I

Please find enclosed summaries and elaborations of the incidents that form the substance of this matter.

Tom L. States