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To:   Chief of Police – William Blair
          Special Investigations Unit – Ian D. Scott
          Ombudsman Toronto – Fiona

From: Tom States
Re: Alleged Police Misconduct & Suspected Police Misconduct

Date:  June 15, 2009

NOTE: The incidents and alleged police misconduct that are presented below are taken out of the context in which they took place in order to bring to your attention conduct that in or out of context does not protect or serve the public interest. All of the incidents reported below took place at Steamworks, Toronto 540 Church St. M4Y 2E1

Summary of Incident(s):

i. Person(s) acting presumably under the color of state authority in a room adjacent to the one I occupied, recorded using a webcam, me alone in my room masturbating.

ii. Person(s) acting presumably at the direction or instruction(s) from person(s) under the color of state authority repeatedly presented me with the opportunity – in sexual situations – to intravenously inject ‘crystal meth’ and offered me various encouragements and advice to counter my many objections.

iii. Person(s) acting presumably at the direction or instruction(s) from person(s) under the color of state authority repeatedly presented me with sexual opportunities, advances and offers of sex that involved and were conditioned on the use of a controlled substance.

iv. Person(s) acting presumably at the direction or instruction(s) from person(s) under the color of state authority repeatedly presented me with the opportunity to have sex with known male prostitutes who repeatedly inquired whether or not I had controlled substances for sale to persons known to the prostitutes.

Suspicion: Person(s) responsible for the first incident reported here, whether they are public or private policing agents conducting official business or not have a personal and professional interest in soliciting and or confirming whatever activity they are investigating or monitoring. This personal and professional interest usurps the public interest. More to the point, it threatens my physical and legal person when an armed person’s professional and personal interests are a condition of my actions, activities and behavior.

Elaboration of Incident (s):

i. Saturday, May 30th 2009, Steamworks Toronto, 540 Church St, M4Y 2E1, ON Person(s) presumably acting under the color of state authority in a room adjacent to the one I occupied recorded, using a webcam, me alone in my room masturbating. The management of the establishment informed them that they were in violation of my privacy and Steamworks privacy policy. In response to the manager on duty’s concerns, the person responsible for recording my sex act spoke with a person that he referred to as his ‘leader’.

A couple hours later, two German speaking males checked into the bathhouse. Hearing German spoken, I opened my door and engaged them in conversation. The persons in the room adjacent mine, presumably unable to understand German, approached the gentlemen and involved them in a matter – the details of which I am not fully aware. They went so far as to task the gentlemen with carrying out an act of surveillance.

Taking note that I was fully dressed and planning to leave but not to check out of the bathhouse, the agents asked one of the gentlemen to ask me about my intentions regarding my departure and return. I informed the staff which resulted in the management once again dutifully addressing the matter with the agents.

Upset with my demonstrative knowledge and reporting of the contact that was made with the two German guests, one of the agents voiced his displeasure loud enough from the adjacent room in anger and in syntax structured to make me aware that I was the intended audience.

ii. A black gentleman self-identified as being of Jamaican decent known to me by the name of ‘Martin’, was the last in a series of offers not only to ‘slam’ meth – inject it intravenously – but ever increasing sophisticated opportunities to ‘slam’.

‘Martin’ who according to hearsay is a person who cooperates with authorities laid three syringes out in front of me while systematically going through the types of mistakes that most people make which ruins the experience. This was followed by dosing recommendations in response to my objections and disparaging remarks about person(s) addicted to ‘meth’ as a consequence of ‘slamming’.

He showed me safe and unsafe amounts of ‘crystal meth’ to let dissolve in the syringes. When I added to my objections that could not stand the sight of blood he tried to allay my concerns to no avail. Standing to leave Martin and his associate to their business, Martin invited me to stay stating that he had medical training that made the experience safe and enjoyable and that if I remained I could observe and see for myself.

The careful and elaborate offer and the fact that he had three syringes in a situation where I was one of three persons, mooted this attempt before it got off the ground. Martin who did not have enough cash to pay for his room; food etc. had a medical kit of syringes etc., 2 or 3 grams of ‘crystal meth’ and promises of more. This is a simply the last in a series of opportunities and offers to ‘slam’ with ever increasing sophisticated attempts the more they were met with resistance, objections and rejections.

iii. Alfonso D. Nunez a well known male prostitute of Colombian decent checked into the bathhouse shortly after I did one evening. Returning to my room after a shower, I noticed him and said hello. He has been known to me for almost three years intimately, personally and then casually and socially. In other words, before and after he began trading sex for money.

At his insistence we entered my room in a hurry, because as he explained later someone he met outside was harassing him. I asked him who the man was and what he wanted. I then offered to confront the gentleman for him and or to report the man to the front desk. Mr. Nunez declined assistance.

After a few minutes of banter, Mr. Nunez inquired if I sold a controlled substance, had controlled substances for sale or knew anyone who had anything for sale. Knocking at the (my) door that he had seen Mr. Nunez enter, the gentleman insisted on speaking with Mr. Nunez who at this time was hiding behind the door but not out of sight of his pursuer who peering through the opening between the door and the door hinges noticed him. The gentleman motioned and moved to push the door open. I asked him what he would do if he were in my position and a friend was in his room not wanting to see someone who was knocking at the door. He backed off.

With more insistence, I asked Mr. Nunez for more details. He conveyed to me that the gentleman wanted him to find someone to sale him ‘cocaine’. I asked if the gentleman had given him money and if not why would the man be so insistent as to want to force his way in the room. In further conversation with Mr. Nunez, later at my apartment, he informed me that I was allegedly this friend who could sale his gentlemen pursuer ‘cocaine’.

iv. This last incident is similar to the one reported above absent any prior knowledge of the male prostitute. The only role that controlled substances played in incidents of this type was that it was made repeatedly clear as had become a motif of each encounter that involved sex that the latter was conditional on a Party-N-Play (PNP) basis. PNP roughly speaking is a deliberate and extended (as in hours) of enhanced sexual experience under the influence of controlled substances.

Tom L. States