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On Saturday night, August 15, Julian Bond died after a brief illness. I had the opportunity to take a one semester civil rights class from Julian Bond at Williams College. After that semester he took a lot of time and put a great deal of effort to help me arrange a winter study program. Each of several different students participating in the one month program studied, researched and wrote about the Civil Rights Movement from their perspective majors. We took a caravan through the South. Mr. Bond contacted and arranged a list of persons that I had read about in Taylor Branches “Parting the Waters”. Mr. Bond provided us with an opportunity to integrate the indelible memories of the Civil Rights Movement. He even took the time to meet with us as we traveled through Atlanta. We sat with him in places where plans were made as he took us down memory lane pointing at times to spots and things in the room from the vantage point of his past. Years later, as a PhD student at York University in Toronto, Canada when I began an ongoing encounter with the hubris of privilege, I sat in an Internet cafe at 3am and wrote two letters. One was to the FBI and the other was to Julian Bond. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ LETTER Again, he rallied! He was always a champion. He was my champion, a champion of civil rights and now he will rest as the struggle continues.





Last fall was his first semester teaching. Selimovic, a Ph.D. candidate in York University’s Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought in Toronto, Canada, is working to finish his dissertation on youth cultures and technology while teaching courses at Ithaca College. This semester, he is teaching Political Economy of the Illicit Drug Trade in the United States, Political Theory of Self Consciousness and U.S. Politics Through Scandals.












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